Stairs that amaze

Officine Sandrini designs and realises stairs for interior and exterior furnishing, always looking for innovative solutions, direct products of tradition and talent. Our desire is to offer a high quality product, in terms of technique and style, in order to guarantee the well-being and satisfaction of every client.

One-of-a-kind designs:
our motto, the very heart of our beliefs

Innovate, seek, believe and want to amaze with desirable objects, welding creativity and usability together to the maximum extent to create beautiful and unrepeatable unique pieces. From this, our new Officine Sandrini brand was born: the result of a long planning process, which involved specialists with different technical, manual and artistic skills. Officine Sandrini interprets artisan traditions with a modern twist because it is our passion. We build fully customized stairs with superlative design in scheduled and certain times. Like the best artisans, Officine Sandrini only uses high quality raw materials, the only ones that permits us to create impressive and perfectly usable stairs.

Discover our creations

We interpret the traditions of master artisans with a modern twist

We construct fully customisable stairs while following a well-defined chain production, giving us excellent results on a precise schedule. Like the best artisans, we only use high quality raw materials, the only ones that permit us to create impressive and perfectly usable stairs. Our suppliers know we do not accept even the smallest variations in our materials.

Installation, a very delicate phase especially for some types of stairs, is carried out with all the necessary precautions from qualified, discrete, professional and trust-worthy personnel: even interventions done in houses with occupants are brought to term with the least impact possible.

The ferrezza, antique tradition of producing metals

The secular Camunian tradition of working iron with hammers powered by water mills, are still used today in some antique workshops and are open to the public. Only through the heirs of this precious tradition does the innate ability of knowing how to forge iron survive, knowledge, which is handed down from father to son, to the master artisans of today.

Camonica Valley, an example of settlement and man’s ability to live nature

The Camnuian area is rich in iron mines. Its extraction and production is an antique art, started during the Iron Age but continued well until the Modern age. The main prove of this prehistoric activity is documented through the iconographic rock drawings present in Val Camonica.