Floating stair

A floating staircase project can have many different shades, but with constant contemporary style

In this article we resume the discussion that touches on topics such as cantilever stair treads and their integration in modern stair design of floating stairs, especially the most scenic type that is the so-called suspended staircase.

As often and willingly repeated here, the same modern term can have much wider implications than a stylistic-architectural strand; In fact, we are not only talking about aesthetics but also about the innovative use of materials and also the careful exploitation of space, especially a small space, a delicate issue in these times.

In this context we place the floating stair (with cantilevered steps prefabricated or custom design and craftsmanship with innovative details) and the possibility to build your stair, creating a really amazing wide range of floating staircase design, able to give a strong impression to the host environment.

Cantilevered stair design and floating treads anchorage: let’s make a brief recap on the issue 

Cantilevered stair design and floating stair

The so-called suspended cantilevered modern stairs, floating staircases which are now very frequent in interior design due to the many advantages they entail, require some precautions in design, fabricate process and installation process, in particular the management of the anchoring of cantilevered steps and the quality of the reference wall.

In summary, for a floating stair, before thinking about floating stair treads steps it is necessary to think about their anchorage: the presence or not of a bearing wall conditions the methodology with which this operation is possible.

In extreme synthesis with a load-bearing wall (concrete or solid bricks), it is sufficient to create a steel anchor structure to hide precisely inside it, a floating frame that allows the fixing of the stair system in a completely stable and safe way creating this famous optical illusion of stair treads, a straight staircase coming out of the wall.

If the wall is not suitable to support an anchoring beam and relative floating stair autonomy, you can help this element with intermediate supports fixed to the floor and ceiling that together constitute a real frame always to hide, of course, covered with plasterboard or boiserie.

We could push a little in the group of suspended also overhanging stairs that actually have a single-beam structure to support the steps, a kind of base, support, a central beam in some cases not very visible on the whole so as to make the staircase seem like suspended. A mono stringer floating stair and double stringer floating stairs are placed inside the staircase design with floating treads but they don’t have the same magic.

In case of anchoring the cantilevered stair treads individually, one by one, but always to a master wall or in any case with the appropriate thickness, it is necessary a kind of stiffening frame that connects them to each other creating stability. 

This is possible through steel discharge feet or, through, for example, a structural glass railing system that becomes necessary and no longer optional (remember that theoretically suspended cantilever stairs anchored to the load-bearing wall can do without a glass railing or cable railing system, even if it is not really advisable).

In this regard it should be noted, if necessary, that the choice of glass to safeguard the passage on suspended modern floating stairs is the best way to facilitate the passage of natural light and emphasize the minimalism – clean lines – of this type of vertical connection structure, amazing stair design also in living room as in any other room.

Floating stairs and materials: focus on the single element 

Floating stair and materials

The high quality modern floating stairs, especially the suspended ones, define the rooms and the rest of the furniture in their own way, with a marked essentiality difficult to reach by other types of structures. When the ramp of the floating stair is accompanied by thin stainless steel railings or almost invisible extra-clear glass railings, the bare and minimal effect is assured and here all the attention irremediably converges on the step element.

In a straight floating stair, the stair tread accentuates the look in these installations, assuming, if possible, even more importance than usual. Thus, the degree of finishing of the steps themselves, the chosen material and also the coloring (as well as of course additional details such as built-in LED lights or steel profiles) takes great importance .

Different wood species, for example red oak, if you choose floating wood treads with the incomparable heat of the wood material that is spectacular in the modern system of a suspended cantilever modern staircase, will give completely different results.

Natural stone coverings will create an elegant atmosphere if you aim for a luxurious appeal; you can adopt coatings in Solid Surface materials if you want to combine innovation and practicality; you can think of structural glass staircase if you want something spectacular, almost magical, that takes full advantage of the natural light… and so on and so forth.

In terms of finishes it is clear that you can reach the highest standards of design options through craftsmanship of high workmanship, in general the modern scales between materials and design seek to make the most of innovation, technology, avant-garde and luxury intended as attention to detail.

Cantilevered steps, aesthetics of the spectacular floating staircase 

The first striking feature of a floating stair, of a structure with suspended floating stair treads is exactly the one from which the name derives: the extraordinary effect of buoyancy is really impressive.

The load-bearing steel frame structure is totally concealed by this sort of magic that the ramp seems to float in a state of suspension, naturally in the face of the same solidity and safety of any other modern staircase structure designed with common sense; it somehow recalls the magical effect of spiral stairs.

Undoubtedly the appeal of a floating staircase design is modern, but in reality the structure of the suspended staircase is really extremely adaptable to different contexts, precisely because of its minimalism and clean lines. In fact, a floating stair composed of cantilevered steps anchored to the wall that creates a suspended effect is light, streamlined, essential to the view, easily integrated in environments with a more traditional style.

In addition, such a staircase design promotes the maximum brightness, which is not insignificant especially if we talk about spaces of not huge dimensions; if we then opted, as mentioned, for a structural glass open riser design stair solution, the light effect would be amplified to the maximum.

From the scenic point of view, especially with regard to internal floating stairs, the range of options is large, original or minimal, simple or hyper-decorated, colorful or basic, sculptural or linear… all aim to furnish and certainly not only to connect different levels of a building.

Undoubtedly the suspended cantilevered stairs enter the category of those structures that aim to be appreciated and emphasized while remaining in their concept so to speak basic, sometimes even included within space-saving structures along with small spiral stairs.

If we speak only from the point of view of color, which in the context of choice of materials has a very strong value in terms of harmony/contrast and aesthetic result, it is possible to design a  floating stair and floating stair treads exactly as in other types of stair solution keeping in mind that the impact will be more essential and lighter: you can build your stair with

  • Shades of light and white, neutral shades, beige, gray are sober and bright, suitable for indoor stairs even in public buildings, if the impression of style is chosen is modern, but also traditional or even classic.
  • Darker shades, including the use of natural metals are often chosen to furnish with a more aggressive and contemporary imprint and are also well suited to the contrast with elements of warm material such as wood in various essences. Even in the use of natural stone – marble, granite – black or almost black is very popular in the most modern trends also by virtue of a refined light/dark contrast.
  • Bright colors, especially in the choice or in the painting of the wood, are chosen more rarely but when well mixed with the furniture can really give a creative and original twist or however accent the attention on the stair element.

As mentioned above, some form of decoration ina floating stair installation is possible while maintaining the essential silhouette of the cantilevered steps of the suspended stairs, such as LED lights, steel strips inserted frontally to the step or, with regard to the railings, a game of tie rods and stainless steel cable railing.

It is always a matter of personal taste, but a suspended staircase design, naked, light, with cantilevered steps produced or covered in high quality material reaches really high aesthetic peaks and versatility.

Discover the floating stair by Officine Sandrini

Discover the floating stair by Officine Sandrini

If you are looking for the distinctive element to give a unique design touch to your spaces, a floating stair could be perfect for you: with their irresistible warmth and irrefutable functionality, these installations represent the essence of modern elegance.

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