FOLIO staircase: high material performance and high profile design

In che choice of style, but also content, Officine Sandrini and Nyxo Studio have developed FOLIO using the typical technologies of AUTOMOTIVE DESIGN, jewel of Italian manufacture. In it, the concepts of aesthetic strength and security find their sublimation. In the automotive industry, the focus is always on technological innovation and the search for high-performance solutions. The same spirit drove the team to the search for a staircase furniture that was a concentrate of technique and at the same time an immersive experience.

Carbon-based composites have found real commercial development only a few decades after their discovery. Research in the field of materials has refined the use of the same, making them extremely qualified in the field of design: they possess unmatched qualities in terms of density, lightness, rigidity and mechanical, chemical and thermal resistance.

Folio amazes thanks to advanced helical configuration structure, and, with a remarkable distinctive personality, is able to produce a powerful visual impact.

The spiral curve and the monolithic step redefine the concept of staircase by drawing a new and attractive shape. The clear and soft lines, functional to the seductive design and also to the monolithic structure, produce a highly innovative result, aesthetically harmonious and with a very light and resistant anatomy.

The carbon fiber, used as a structural component but also aesthetic choice, meets in Folio the high-profile design: the high performance of the material -versatility of form and use- also borrowed from aerospace technology, perfectly fit into this sophisticated and innovative project.