Spiral staircase for sale

A spiral staircase on customized project is often the one that transforms environments and atmospheres

We often talk about classic spiral stairs, the typical spiraliform structures, also with a square plan, aesthetically pleasing and functional also in consideration of the minimum encumbrance on the ground; are in fact considered in the context of modern space-saving stairs, with small footprint especially when the dimensions are minimal.

Probably, however, there is not enough reasoning of helical stairs, in particular of the qualities and advantages offered by helical stairs for interiors: modern stairs, evolutions of the spiral structure for interiors and exteriors, which literally redefine spaces, intended as sizes, and environments in terms of atmosphere and design.

If you are looking for a spiral staircase for sale, a stair solution ideal for you,  you have to think about this: when internal helical stairs are conceived, designed and built through customized solutions, tailored to spatial needs and taste in every detail, these structures that arise as vertical connecting elements become design stairs, special stairs that look more like real decorative furniture elements while maintaining their function.

Let’s see how customized design solutions and level artisanal skills affect the installation of a great product such as spiral staircase, helical and hybrid staircase that can become the focal point of an interior as well as a mirror of tastes and personality. You can build your stair, your custom spiral staircase with the help of experts and also with the information I am about to give you.

Helical and spiral stairs for interiors for different tastes and needs

Helical and spiral stairs for interiors for different tastes and needs

In the face of compliance with rules and regulations, basically for the safety of end users of stairs for indoor and outdoor spiral stairs, modern spiral stairs and high quality design stairs enhance the spaces enriching them with style especially in the measure in which the structures are designed specifically for those spaces and not others.

Helical stair case types for interiors and classic spiral staircases with central pole (in essence the two types differ for this supporting element, unless it is a hybrid structure with open pole) both in new buildings and in buildings undergoing renovation give excellent results precisely when they are designed ad hoc.

If you’re interested in a spiral staircase for sale, you should know that customized solutions, in general stairs for interior but even more so in reference to stairs spiral or helical for interior that, by their nature, optimize horizontal footprint, have a very significant impact from the functional point of view, besides the aesthetic one. 

Often the two levels intersect, if for example you play with the light element: glass spiral stairs, or for example steps for stairs with open tray using extra clear glass are original internal stairs that increase the dimensional perception of the spaces, as well as being spectacular.

If you’re looking for a spiral staircase for sale but you’re not convinced by more economical spiral staircase kits, please note that a wide range of different materials contributes to the customization of a spiral staircase, as well as significant dimensions and details that together create the uniqueness: helical concrete stairs, wood spiral stairs, iron spiral staircase or stainless steel spiral stairs, glass stairs etc. in all the versions you can imagine.

The Italian craftsmanship, which is of the highest level, together with cutting-edge technologies that offer a hand in some processes but also during the design phase, combined with the professionalism and experience of the sector is undoubtedly able to provide helical or spiral staircases for timeless interiors, perfect for the host location and mirror all the needs of the client.

A different spiral staircase: spiral-helical structure with open pole

A different spiral staircase: spiral-helical structure with open pole

The spiral staircases for interiors, but more generally helical staircases, have changed the way of conceiving the classic spiral stair: the helical self-supporting staircase is the modern version of spiral staircase (still ideal as space-saving in a small space) among the design stairs one of the most appreciated; if you’re attempting to find a special spiral staircase for sale pay attention to what follows.

Compared to the presence of the central pole, which steals a few centimeters in the spiral stairs for indoor and outdoor spiral stairs, or its absence in the helical stairs proper, as in a spiral staircase in concrete, there are special stairs, with a kind of open pole, an aesthetically spectacular twisted band.

The central pylon that wraps around itself is much richer visually, aligns with the soft and supple pattern of the entire structure, creating a few centimeters of comfort. In the Etika metal spiral stair by Officine Sandrini, the sculptural iron spiral or steel spiral stair is designed by drawings, according to custom projects.

In fact, it can provide, as obvious examples of customization, tread coating, final details of the central pylon, or curvilinear elements or spectacular cables to support the structure in the suspended version.

In general, this modern hybrid iron spiral staircase replaces the somewhat static concept of helical concrete stairs, creating additional dynamism, from the simplicity of installation but also to the level of material combinations: solid wood of various essences combined with metal, stainless steel and glass, painted steel also to make the spiral stair in line or in contrast with the predominant chrome in the environment, small space or large space, a living room or a different part of the house.

The same helical railing, whether for wooden stairs or modern metal stairs with various effects such as Corten, for example, completely changes the overall result of the installation. Curved glass, painted side strip skirtings, or railings with thin horizontal currents almost invisible, much depends on accommodation and structural needs but also on aesthetic choices consistent with the project as a whole and the design options.

Custom spiral and helical stairs: building your perfect stair solution in practice what are steps and implications

Custom spiral and helical stairs: building your perfect stair solution in practice what are steps and implications

Spiral staircase types for indoor use, to an even greater extent than outdoor spiral stairs or in a more heartfelt way, not only make a service but furnish, decorate and much more

Given the size of the installation, however minimal (minimum diameter spiral stair space-saving), a helical staircase in concrete, an iron spiral staircase, a wrought iron spiral stair, a steel stair (galvanized steel stair for outdoor use or cast iron) or a custom color wooden spiral staircase necessarily becomes focal in an environment, and materials and finishes outline a style that crosses the various floors of the building.

Internal helical spiral staircases require an on-site inspection to evaluate various aspects, opportunities and precise measurements, to be able to start a design on drawings customized by spatial needs but also regarding details to be agreed.

Thanks to the photorealistic rendering, it is possible to obtain images that project the impact of the internal scale, both visually and aesthetically and as positioning, dimensions, etc.

With the exception of the concrete stairs to be managed on site at the working site, the metal structure and the coverings temporarily follow different procedures; upstream of course the choice of any painting or sample finishes. In some cases the painting must be carried out after the installation, this extremely delicate moment when the structure is not precisely prefabricated.

If you are looking for a spiral staircase for sale and you don’t like spiral staircase kits, and helical-spiral customize stairs  fit your budget, you probably know that every detail is important, from the design phase, during the realization in many cases craft of most of the material, to the installation that requires great experience and precision and problem solving skills; in general agreed precise times, also taking into account any interference that may always occur within the various paths.

Undoubtedly, in addition to the anatomical structural shape, helical stairs and spiral stairs of the highest level amaze for the quality of the materials and their combinations, for impeccable finishes chosen ad hoc, and also for unexpected details such as, for example, lighting allocated so as to emphasize the harmonious lines of the spiral staircase.     

Discover each spiral staircase for sale by Officine Sandrini

Discover each spiral staircase for sale by Officine Sandrini

If you are looking for the distinctive element to give a unique design touch to your spaces, some special spiral staircase for sale could be perfect for you: with their irresistible warmth and irrefutable functionality, these installations represent the essence of modern elegance.

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