What are options and evaluations for an outdoor stair rail?

Considerations on outdoor stair railing projects and other types of railing

Through the term railings for (indoor and) outdoor use we can consider a wide variety of elements that can be assimilated, ultimately, to components of the external design of buildings and spaces. We are therefore talking about modern railings for outdoor but also very basic or traditional, referable to stair rail and parapets for exterior, handrails for outdoor, but also iron balusters, stainless steel railings or glass parapets for balconies, terraces, garden dividers or pool areas, fences, gates and so on.

Decorate an outdoor space or a facade, while using these outdoor railings for the practical function they perform – protection, privacy defense etc. – it is a must if you want to make the most of your space. As well as the care of the colors of a facade, the careful management of a green space, the aesthetics of an external staircase -all of stair parts are important- contribute to the overall impact that can give a building, including colors , chosen shapes and materials are part of a business card that has a value.

Outdoor railings: perfectly divided between practical and ornamental functions 

The decoration of the exterior, at the same time as securing balconies, terraces, an external staircase and so on, does justice and enhances a building, enhancing the details carefully chosen, the beautiful garden or even the space used for the pool. 

Also with regard to a stair rail, a stairway railing for outdoor, metal handrails for outdoor steps or a porch railing, creativity or a search for essentiality of the lines can also be safely expressed through iron railings for outdoor use, stainless steel for example, wrought iron, black iron railings or modern balustrades in glass or glass and steel. 

Shapes and building materials, in combination with colors and finishes in a chromatic line with the context or in contrast, have a huge power in giving the impression of style you want. Therefore, even elements such as outdoor stair railings and parapets, or other metal railings should be chosen according to physical requirements, such as strength and solidity, but also satisfying aesthetic criteria consistent with the design of the property.

Green light then to materials, heights and dimensions – compatible with regulations – and even geometries, that are in line with your needs, and able to combine safety and design. In this case it is possible to find really different solutions, from sophisticated high quality and innovative stainless steel railings, passing through, for example, matte black iron balusters to inlaid elements with an antique taste in wrought iron, but also elements in many essences not necessarily rustic, such as a red oak stair rail or a straight wood handrail.

Often the combination of different materials, wood and glass, metal and wood, steel and glass, leads to modern results of considerable value.

Outdoor railings first of all stair rail for external use: design and materials

Outdoor stair railing for metal or natural stone staircases, metal hand rails for concrete steps, modern railings for outdoors suitable to enhance contemporary facades, glass railings for outdoor terraces and balconies that do not fear privacy problems but rather like to be admired, partitions and fences… There’s something for everyone.

From the point of view of design and style, often they combine with specific materials (i.g wrought iron railing for stairs most often folds on a rich craft style); but in general although even for elements such as a stair rail it is possible a lot of customization.

From the economic point of view, the factors influencing the cost of the project are as always many: such as building materials, dimensions and sizes, type of design (it is different a customized design from the use of pre-built elements, as stair railing kits) cost of labor in the realization if artisanal and in the poses, painting and protections since we speak about an outdoor stair railing or other types for outdoor use.

In this regard, I reiterate the obvious: for whatever element is subjected to weather such as water, ice, extreme temperatures, etc. the choice of material and specific treatments should be considered a priority. In general, however, we can make a rough grouping and make some assessments, the same you should think about if you need to have/ renew outdoor railings, for example a stair rail.


  • The outdoor iron railing is perhaps the most common. Iron is a durable, non-deformable material and above all requires minimal maintenance. The composition of geometric elements and the painting of outdoor iron railings can give really different results.
  • Outdoor aluminum railings: lightweight and resistant material without oxidation problems, it is often used as a modern support to tempered and laminated glass.
  • So also the stainless steel railings: perfect and very modern alone but also in combination with glass, simple and elegant; solid and functional, perfect for a high quality modern stair, stainless railing gives a particular appeal even in stone or rustic contexts for contrast.
  • Outdoor wrought iron railings or wrought iron handrail: they are ideal if you love vintage style, decorative and personalized elements, handmade pieces that sometimes recall a special rural architecture or simply in line with a more rococo and less contemporary style.


  • Outdoor wooden railings, the best to serve as a complement to furniture in total harmony with rustic buildings, bucolic spaces that should not be disturbed by intrusive elements visually too modern; as an example, let’s talk about a wooden stair rail for concrete steps or wooden steps.
  • Balconies, terraces, fences in natural or painted wood: solid wood is preferable for strength and strength, and also in combination with glass can give great results in terms of outdoor railings.
  • Durable and versatile, thanks to the cut, the type of wood and the external treatments to which they are subjected, if modular or customized, the wooden railings can be more or less expensive. 


Glass stair rail
  • Outdoor glass railings ideal for minimal visual impact, pure essentiality, do not create any type of obstacle to the view in and out of the entrance and do not limit the passage of light.
  • The purity of the glass focuses on the minimal effect, plays with modernity without intervening strongly on the other elements of the context.
  • In combination with steel and ad hoc cuts, glass balustrades push towards innovative and particular aesthetics. A glass stair rail with metal handrails in a metal staircase project for outdoor use has excellent success and a very modern look. 

Why outdoor railings are more important than you think 

In general we can say the aesthetics of a space, of our living space, conveys something of our identity: or rather the attention to detail – but also the lack of care in some respects – offers a part of us, our tastes, our personality. Normally this is especially true for the interiors of a house, whether it is a villa or an apartment, every room, every element of design or simple everyday use offers others a glimpse of the identity of the person who lives there.

Always compatible with the economic possibilities, which undoubtedly in some cases represent the ratio of some choices, it is possible to maximize even the exteriors, which can be considered a litmus test of what awaits us inside. As in all projects, also in this case the details concur and go even further in giving an impression, a visual impact, even when the vision appears to us as a whole and we do not seem to be focused on this or other particular.

So also the elements that can be considered part of the outdoor railings, such as already mentioned cable railing and balustrades of balconies, or a steel railing for windows, a matt black stair rail, indoor outdoor staircase railing or various fences, hand rails for some concrete steps or wooden stair treads give their contribution in underlining the essence of a style.

 We certainly speak of custom outdoor stairs railings, stair balusters or other types of railings for external use in line with one trend or another, of modern railings for essential or original exteriors but also of classical or baroque artifacts (see iron railings for exterior with ambitious workmanship). It is however possible to find an economical and efficient stairway railing for outdoor use, consistent with your tastes, maybe not choosing your own custom projects. What matters is not to underestimate the importance of what may seem insignificant details in the overall view of a facade, of an outdoor space.

Any element, such as outdoor railings and other factors that could be given little importance, must be weighed with the right attention, first of all in terms of security and/or privacy, but immediately after it is right to give the right importance to the overall vision, to the aesthetic project as a whole, the exterior as much as the interior, which is composed of details – shapes, colors, materials, textures, finishes – all equally significant.

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