Black metal staircase

Forging and metal (natural) play an essential role, aesthetic and not, for a beautiful black metal staircase or black metal details

No matter what is the actual connecting function of the staircase you need – different floors of a house, to an attic or other – : among the many possibilities on the market you will have to choose your internal staircase with criterion and focusing on high quality.

Perhaps the available space will force you to use a particular type of staircase design, but you will still be free to customise the overall project of this element, which will become a real focal point of interior style.

For a contemporary environment, with modern and contemporary metal essential furnishings, the modern iron internal stairs are increasingly an optimal choice. A black metal staircase, for example, among modern interior staircase ideas, often has extra gear.

Modern internal iron staircase design: what are the strengths of a metal stair and of a metal baluster 

Modern black metal staircase

Functionality and aesthetic impact are the two cornerstones around which we can make our choice: the types of stairs for the interior are really many, and among these there will be the perfect staircase design for you.

Inside a contemporary frame, modern iron internal stairs are the best alternative to wooden stairs,  steel staircases with metal balusters or a  glass balustrade, iron round stairs, black metal straight stairs, contemporary metal loft stairs  and so on.

Iron is not an easy material to work with because it has strong resistance, but once forged it is one of the most versatile, strong of various qualities:

  • it is durable and reliable
  • it is durable over time with minimal maintenance (the most appropriate way is to use warm water and mild soap, prohibited abrasive products of any kind)
  • it is able to match and match any color and other material, even for contrast
  • it perfectly adapts, inside a  metal black staircase too, playing with the reflections of light, both linear and curvilinear shapes; iron is perfect for an internal straight staircase or iron round  metal stair
  • It is impeccable for metal stair parts, like a metal baluster,  metal stair spindles, metal handrail and handrail brackets.

Depending on the layout of the available spaces, whether it’s a villa, a small apartment, a loft with a mezzanine or a cottage, the structure of your internal metal stair could be designed very differently.

Types of modern internal iron stairs, from iron round stairs, through straight stairs to black square metal stairs        

Types of black metal staircase

The iron, left natural, painted or oxidized with Cor-ten finish, is able to greatly enrich an interior, even when used for elements of small size or minimal design. 

Even if you opt for dark shades or black metal, iron will be able to play with light and iridescence and this is not a small thing since in modern interior stairs the details are fundamental, especially if you play with essential lines.

The modern metal staircase, in particular iron black internal stairs in addition to steel stair designs, has the capacity of the aesthetic features of the rooms that host them, immediately giving an atmosphere of contemporaneity and modernity. But what structures and types of stairs can benefit?

Let’s see together some categories of modern internal iron stairs!

Internal ramp iron stairs

The internal stairs in iron, indicated above all for the insertion in offices or apartments of particularly modern style. Stability and safety are guaranteed, and also the possibility of decorations and various customizations perfect for modern iron stairs.

Modern staircases in iron straight

The modern internal steel stair or iron straight stair, if there are no problems of space, with several customizations possible especially by enhancing the handrail and metal baluster. This type gives the opportunity to make use of the basement as an additional space to place furnishing accessories or transform it into a library. Even in this case a black metal staircase can have an elegant and strong impact.

Internal spiral or helical iron stairs

The internal metal spiral or helical stairs, which develop in height on themselves in a spiral movement, with steps shaped mostly triangular. Among all are the type of modern internal iron stairs able to give a boost of character to the overall design.

Depending on the color combinations and finishes, they are really aesthetically striking as well as performing their function of connection, therefore among the most popular among iron stairs for modern interiors.

They are the stairs chosen when there are problems of space, since the vertical trend of the same means that the footprint is reduced considerably. Choosing a curvilinear design will particularly value the intense light effect of iron.

A black metal stair, in iron matt black or other beautiful black metal finish, can be an iron round based staircase or an iron square black metal stair, anyway a black metal staircase in spiral or helical version is always functional and spectacular.

There are also retractable iron stairs, used especially for really narrow spaces and only with practical function for example as a connection to an attic.

The most attractive combinations of iron stairs and staircase balusters (like black metal baluster) by staircase specialists     

The most attractive combinations of black metal staircase

When designing a  modern internal iron stair, like a black metal staircase or other variant,  especially if you have the opportunity to space in customization and to play with creativity and design, you can make appreciable combinations depending on the environment that will host the structures.

There are various finishes with which iron can be treated , left natural in its interesting color shades, painted in a thousand colors possible or oxidized specially; in addition to these factors, valid also for stair parts like metal railings (e.g. closed iron black balustrades or essential black metal baluster, metal spindles (e.g. steel stair spindles or  iron matt black stair spindles)  there are combinations of sure effect. 

Let’s see the most frequent combinations.  

For modern iron and wood stairs the special final effect is given by their opposition at least to the appearance: the wood is warm and alive, in any essence, while the iron is inert, rigid, cold, especially in gray shades like a black metal stair structure.

In interior design the game of contrasts is very appreciated, in this case suitable both in more elegant and modern interiors, and where a more natural style is preferred.

What unites the materials in the wooden and a black metal staircase, especially appreciated in the industrial style, is their so-called “materiality”, even more so when both are left with raw and more natural finish.

The contrasting combination in modern iron and wood stairsIt is highlighted even more by the use of glass, for example thanks to glass railings and balustrades which lighten the whole with the play of transparencies in place of a black metal baluster or iron railings with metal spindles.

The combination of metal and marble is also appreciated in modern iron interior staircases, especially in luxury settings, where this most precious contrast is preferred.

The shiny stone in the modern stone and iron interior stairs is evocative of a timeless elegance with its veins but is resized and made modern by iron, a much more rude and less classy element.

In general we can say that  internal iron stairs like a  black metal staircase become real furnishing elements in an environment; a black metal stair – that can be a black metal spiral stair or an iron square based stair, an open black metal stair and so on- loads space with personality and style, and helps to define modern and contemporary design even with simple and essential lines. 

Discover the black metal staircase by Officine Sandrini

The Officine Sandrini's black metal staircase

If you are looking for the distinctive element to give a unique design touch to your spaces, a black metal staircase could be perfect for you: with its irresistible warmth and irrefutable functionality, this installation represents the essence of modern elegance.

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