Floating staircases

Let’s see what it consists anchoring of the steps in floating staircase projects

The suspended cantilevered stairs represent, within the vast sector of stairs and their design management, a modern and absolutely versatile architectural solution.

Floating staircases are elements with a streamlined, minimalist design, which has a perfect fit in many contexts and various customization possibilities. Moreover, thanks to the   floating stair system by which cantilever steps are directly fixed to the wall, in the case of cantilevered  self-supporting stairs, the optimized space is such as to count this type among the solutions so to speak space-saving.

It is worth addressing this topic: what does cantilever step anchoring mean? How can I use prefabricated cantilever steps? At this and other questions about cantilevered steps and floating staircases you will find some useful information continuing in the reading.

Start building your perfect stair: first let’s see how the steps anchor in a real floating staircase?

Start building your perfect stair: first let's see how the steps anchor in a real floating staircase?

Let’s start this argument by saying that, regardless of tastes and ideas, the realization of a high quality stair design project must still be examined for feasibility, verifiable only by informing ourselves of the real peculiarities of the host environment. That said, in a synthetic way we propose a summary of the possibility of laying floating staircases which defy gravity, and how in practice it is possible to install a modern and essential floating stair. 

What is fundamental is first of all to be sure that, in essence, the anchoring wall has structurally the possibility of supporting the weight of each cantilever step and the passage; in addition to this, the possibility of inserting a metal stair system in the wall, then covered to be made invisible, that can serve as an anchor base.

There may be alternatives to explore, but let us proceed with order. The spectacular effect given by the suspended floating staircases can be achieved in synthesis in two ways: 

  • on the construction site to the raw usually since the metal structure must be inserted in the wall (load-bearing or semi-load-bearing) that will be hidden by plasterboard or boiserie. Steps and any railings (e.g stainless steel or glass balustrade) are then mounted to the self-supporting structure. 
  • In the event that the individual floating stair treads are inserted individually, a system of interlocking pins is used, and to stiffen the structure make it stable and the individual modules survive the exhaust feet, tubular stainless steel connection.

In this case, it also serves as a supporting railing, for example in laminated tempered glass balustrade, or you could provide, in your project, a full-height stainless steel cable railing. A project upstream of floating staircases that is impeccable from a structural and safety standards point of view is the first step towards a realization with the perfect result, and high quality stair design (so before to build your floating stair pay attention, for example, to the material for wall anchorage, or even details such as mounting brackets of suitable materials and diameters).

In this case we are talking about solutions for a real effect of suspension, of a straight staircase flotation: there is often talk of  floating stairs and floating stair treads even when we are in front of 

a mono stringer modern staircase or double stringer staircase design. The final outcome of a stringer floating staircase is spectacular but not as spectacular as real suspended staircase design with hidden anchors.

Anchor cantilever steps and floating staircases of various materials 

Anchor cantilever steps and floating staircases of various materials 

Wood, natural stone, resin, steel and so on and so forth: it is possible to extensively customize the project of floating staircases with extremely different materials, and equip, as mentioned above, the structure with adequate structural railings or not. By virtue of the style conceived for the interior, always a mirror of personal taste and adaptations sometimes necessary also in terms of the size of the person who lives there, a staircase managed in a proper way can make the difference.

Custom designs include wide range of opportunities for the specific floating staircase design: a cantilever staircase suspended, an open riser design of modern floating stairs by its nature is a slender design, so to speak, often with clean lines that brings an idea of lightness compared to other types of stairs and can be installed in a variety of spaces. 

As usual the materials (and other details such as LED lights) chosen during the design process for  steps and for the possible railing can overturn the final stylistic outcome: this ultimately applies to each project of stairs, spiral stairs, straight stairs, open stairs, suspended floating stairs, mono stringer floating stairs and so on.  

Materials such as glass and steel for floating staircases have a strong modern and essential impact suitable for minimalist geometries. The warmth and tradition inherent in the wood element in the various wood species and emanation of itself makes its optimal use also for floating stair treads, which are well suited to a more traditional and less distinctly innovative.

For example, a floating staircase with stair treads open riser in natural stone then, of any color/ veining, in combination or in contrast with the surrounding environment, certainly makes a special and luxurious element that was born as strictly functional but can go much further. Timeless elegance, but also modernity, essential simplicity but also richness of refined details… how much you can modulate within a suspended staircase with glass railing, steel cable railing or powder coated blind parapet that seems to float in suspension!

Floating stairs, stair design and space-saving masterpieces: building your perfect stair solution with expert craftsmanship

Floating stairs, stair design and space-saving masterpieces: building your perfect stair solution with expert craftsmanship

Floating staircases, modular steps, self-supporting stairs… all terms that refer to a precise image: the spectacularity of a staircase that seems to float, the scenic impact of a flight of steps suspended anchored to the wall. A well-designed floating stair has no safety problems, the first requirement of any element that provides the path, because every detail has been thought to leave no room for uncertainty about the result.

Immediately following safety, the peculiar characteristics of floating staircases are visible to every project, regardless of the use of one material rather than another or various details and finishes. The suspended cantilever staircase for interiors has become a highly appreciated option thanks to the aesthetic versatility of this type of structure: perfect in modern spaces but also suitable for environments with less character.

It lends itself to furnishing with the most essential profile possible; the non-visible structure and in some cases the nude total effect for example when it’s a staircase with glass railing, amplifies the image that the steps are floating in the air and the transition of natural light.

The aesthetic impact is very strong, the light is free to flow to the maximum and the space that takes advantage of the installation is reduced to a minimum. Overall, this results in an unequivocal space-saving effect in both actual and visual terms, comparable to a modern spiral design (spiral staircases are always the real space saving structures thanks to the small horizontal space).

In general we may include each design floating stair project, the real suspended staircase with close or open riser, the essential mono stringer floating stair or double stringer floating stairs, especially for a living room, often the central point of a home: a modern floating metal stair with white oak wood treads with a open riser design and glass balustrade, for example, can be an extremely versatile and contemporary design prototype.  

We can observe that the wide-ranging effect and linearity of the essential forms, means that floating staircases, based on the customization of materials, railings and finishes, can become both rich protagonists of a space, but also fine and elegant functional elements that do not attract attention.

Discover floating staircases by Officine Sandrini

Discover floating staircases by Officine Sandrini

If you are looking for the distinctive element to give a unique design touch to your spaces, floating staircases could be perfect for you: with their irresistible warmth and irrefutable functionality, these installations represent the essence of modern elegance.

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