Glass spiral staircase and other customized spiral staircases

Glass spiral staircase and other customized spiral staircases: all the possibilities

A certain amount of customization is the turning point for the best interior design projects: how and even more than other furniture components, the inclusion of a staircase, especially internal, it needs some design precautions in addition to those purely technical. 

In this case we talk about how the spiral staircases, designed to the exact measure of your needs, prove to be the best choice in the short, medium and long term.

The availability on the market today is really the most varied, and concerns structural shape, style, materials, finishes, clearly with great unevenness of budget. Every detail more or less can certainly make the difference in price, but also in aesthetic and functional success! 

The spiral staircase for indoor, as well as the outdoor spiral staircase, must be designed in line with the space that will host it: in line with the style and perfect for position and diameters, so that the result is effective and at the same time the functionality is maximum. 

What does it really mean customized, when we talk about a modern spiral staircase?

Often lately we see used glass, sometimes as a structural element; a glass spiral staircase can be a truly spectacular element visually,as well as producing multiple benefits to the surrounding space.

But the possibilities of customization are many! Let’s make a point.  

The spiral staircase cutted out for you

The spiral staircase cutted out for you

Usually the insertion of a staircase is a necessity and not a habit, but taking the opportunity to give character to your spaces is almost a must! 

A modern spiral staircase can become the pole of attraction, the focal element – discreet and minimal or flashy and distinctive – that attracts the gaze of those who cross the threshold of your spaces, be they home, office or commercial spaces.

Combine an eye-catching aesthetic, mirror of your style, with the functionality and convenience in the installation of an internal spiral staircase or of an external spiral staircase must be the purpose during the design.

Clarifying your needs is the first step, and not always as simple as you might think; in principle what really matters are two parameters:

  • space requirements, intended as available sizes but also as a physical location where it would be better to install a staircase, depending on the location of windows, doors etc.
  • desired style, that can enhance an existing or evolving furniture

A tailor-made project means a perfect result for your needs and desires, for example if we’re talking about a glass spiral staircase.

Clearly the economic investment compared to a standard pre-assembled scale will not be the same and will change compatibly with materials and finishes (a glass spiral staircase cost, for instance, can vary in size and type of glass treatments)

But if you are looking to bring to your spaces an added value both in value and aesthetic modern personalized spiral staircase is what you need.

Sizes, locations and diameters

Sizes, locations and diameters

As a real piece of furniture of a certain size, the inclusion of spiral staircase, as much as the diameter can be reduced, necessarily demands physical space and the right location in the room. 

The prerogative of the classic spiral staircase is its ability first of all to save space as the development is played on verticality, unlike the open stairs.

In addition, the space-saving spiral staircase in exceptional cases can reach very small diameters and thus be placed where, with other structures, it is impossible to exploit the space.

In these cases can be recovered sizes of attics etc. that otherwise would be really difficult to reach. In addition, the footprint on the ground is always reduced to a minimum, allowing you to make the most of the living space.

If the spiral staircase diameter 100 is already a small spiral staircase – you must always think about the practicability convenient for anyone – there is even the possibility of having a spiral staircase diameter 80 or even a spiral staircase diameter 70, practically a real space-saving spiral staircase.

Often these days the interior can count on small spaces and the sizes are to be exploited to the fullest. There is also the possibility of creating a square spiral staircase to take advantage of the angular spaces.

Ideal to be installed between two or more walls, with less sinuous but more geometric lines, it can reach remarkable diameters, and double take advantage of increased space in the tread making the passage easier than a staircase with a circular plan.

The spiral staircase can be inserted really in critical corners of an apartment, in angular or central positions, in narrow spaces or using larger sizes. 

In the latter case the ideal would be the helical staircase, which can be considered the evolution of the modern spiral staircase: if the snail develops all around a central pillar, the helical staircase holds its structure through two helices, internal and external with great stability.

The helical structure can reach diameters of even much greater than the spiral staircase, with the same possibilities of customization but with even more significant aesthetic impact, and a stable structure and even more comfortable crossing.

The use of glass can help a lot especially in confined spaces: a glass spiral staircase or a helical spiral staircase – the whole structure or only the steps- lets the light filter to the maximum and creates the illusion of enlargement of the spaces.

The same goes for a spiral staircase glass balustrade: a glass railing spiral staircase or for other staircases types, it’s a good way to not to block the flow of natural light and to enhance the essential anatomical structure of the staircase.

Design and materials

Design and materials

All internal spiral staircases have as peculiarity the strong versatility, the adaptability to very different styles and the power to strongly characterize the host environment, even only for the characteristic sinuous shape.

Whether you can take advantage of a spiral staircase project more or less wide, you can still take advantage of different materials depending on taste and style, with some limitations as regards the outdoor spiral staircase.

External spiral staircases, like any outdoor installation, necessarily have to deal with atmospheric agents of all kinds from extreme temperatures to rain and consequently materials, special treatments and/ or coatings must take into account.

But for a project of an internal spiral staircase you can really indulge: it is possible to realize during the construction phase the staircase in masonry of your dreams, or have it covered, if pre-existing, with materials to taste.

In general the materials that can be used are the same – with some limit for the natural stone for weight, fixings and costs – of any visible scale: various woods, steel, iron, cast iron, glass, plastic and special technopolymers.

The same can be combined, together with the railings and handrails, in the most varied ways and in the most suitable color shades for your interior design.

Often the favorites are the classic wooden spiral staircases suitable for environments of traditional style, but combined with metal much more contemporary and gritty; iron spiral stairs (in some cases a spiral staircase in wrought iron rather elaborate) are perhaps those that lately go for the most.

But we can confirm that the most innovative and modern projects, as well as spectacular, consider a glass spiral staircase as the first option. 

In fact a glass spiral staircase with or without a spiral staircase glass balustrade (it’s amazing also a metal railing in combination with glass) can give suggestive results especially if we talk about games of light and general brightness. 

Glass spiral staircase and other variations: modern spiral staircase for all taste   

Glass spiral staircase and other variations: modern spiral staircase for all taste

The spiral staircase and its modern evolution helical staircase have great customization scope, as much as the open staircase, but with in addition the visual uniqueness of the spiral shape and the advantage of saving space. 

If minimizing the horizontal footprint is the main feature of a spiral staircase, the versatility of use at a functional and aesthetic level is one of its main advantages: scenographic like few others if well designed with some material combinations or with particular details, can also be essential and minimal to blend almost completely with the interior.  

Look at what a modern masterpiece a glass spiral staircase can become!

As a true design element, the modern spiral staircase is created to fit your project’s taste in terms of style, measurements and other details; its conception allows almost endless customized variations. 

A spiral staircase or a unique helical staircase, tailored to your needs, will far exceed the connecting function that gives rise to the need: it will greatly enhance your environments, characterizing the style and optimizing the living space.

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