Glass stairs

Cantilevered stair treads made in glass and structurally different glass stair create exceptional advantages and atmospheres

The cantilever staircase design solutions, be it external staircase design or internal stairs design, essentially includes two types of structure, both visually speaking (easier to notice the differences if you are in the industry) but especially regarding the system of fixing cantilevered stairs. In fact, a staircase with cantilevered steps will tend to belong to one of the following categories: 

  • modular type cantilever stairs
  • cantilever stairs so-called self-supporting design options 

Beyond this subdivision, of which we will see the peculiarities that essentially interest both for an aesthetic discourse but also for a feasibility discourse, what really can interest is ultimately what are the features that can turn banal cantilevered interior stairs into modern and spectacular cantilever glass stairs.

Glass panels for stair railing,  structural glass floors and  glass stair treads for open custom stairs  have a crazy aesthetic impact in the environments that host them.

Cantilever glass stair: self-supporting and modular cantilever staircase, suspended stair treads with (glass) railing glass stairs

Cantilever glass stairs

Especially with regard to cantilevered glass stairs for interiors, which as well as all installations can deeply affect the overall aesthetics of the environments, it is important to immediately emphasize the differences between self-supporting cantilever staircase and modular cantilever staircase.

In principle, what you might need to know is that the self-supporting glass stair model needs a metal structure, kept hidden in the wall then by a plasterboard coating or even boiserie. Instead the steps for cantilever stairs of the modular type are mounted one by one (a step is a module), supporting and supporting the structure in a reciprocal way through tubular steel (lateral discharge feet). 

Before designing modern cantilevered custom stairs by examining the range of possible customizations in terms of materials (not only tempered and laminated glass, but also wood stairs, marble stairs and so on) finishes and various details, it is absolutely essential to consider the actual feasibility of the installation. 

A cantilever  staircase with glass or other material generally requires the use of a load-bearing wall, made of reinforced concrete, solid bricks or perforated structural; if not, you need an iron structure suitable for anchoring but fixed to the floor and ceiling.

Without going into too much technical detail, we know that among the cantilever stairs, especially those considered more spectacular, we have the suspended stairs: the crazy effect of suspension, floating stairs makes them not only magnificent and elegant, but also appreciated for the simplicity of the lines and versatility in different contexts. 

If we are talking about special glass stairs, probably the most suitable stair railing will be a glass balustrade, glass stair panels in some cases structural glass suitable for various purposes, to stiffen the structure, to enhance stair treads and so that the light can pass as freely as possible.

Modern glass stairs, shapes and structures, stair railing design and details that make the difference   

Modern glass stairs

Clearly in addition to the immediately visible elements of the structural shape of interior stairs – helical stairs, open staircase design, spiral stair, floating stairs, cantilever modern stairs, curved staircase- what strikes at first glance are the materials: the material understood as color, density, brightness, allure… materials and combinations of them within an installation are fundamental in the pursuit of the desired mood. 

If it is true that stairs for outdoors need, in terms of materials, some precautions as exposed to natural elements, cantilevered stairs reserved for interiors of homes, offices, activities of various types can enjoy a wide choice. There are undoubtedly variants considered more modern or contemporary than others, but ultimately it is always the stair design as a whole that forges the stylistic imprint.       

So we can have a non traditional design ideas of wooden staircase made modern by the effect of suspension and the essentiality of the details, cantilevered stairs in exposed concrete or a cantilever reinforced concrete stairs covered in various ways, which can be transformed into cantilevered marble stairs, or for example cantilevered resin stairs, corian etc., each with its own railings design. 

Among all, glass stairs are those with the most amazing effect: glass stair treads in a spiral staircase, helical stairs with glass treads, open custom glass staircase, in structural glass, interior glass cantilever stairs, amazing glass design stairs with led, simple and yet crazy glass steps anti slip equipped are one better than the other.

If the glass design is surprising and modern in itself (not to mention the crazy effect of filtering light), glass flooring, glass walking surface- tempered glass, laminated glass, structural glass-  for stair treads in addition to glass railings, has a fantastic appeal.  

The floating stairs, glass staircases so-called suspended stairs, are so elegant and spectacular in their nude effect and in the apparent feeling of floating in the air, that a minimal choice of other materials, like stainless steel, or details are enough to produce a strong visual impact, even without other additions. 

Also open stairs with glass treads can give great satisfaction: often an open staircases with glass or with other materials has great possibilities of customization, and if you can imagine the potential of interior glass or architectural glass, you will find a way to use glass flooring or glass stair railings as part of your own project.

There are a huge number of cases on the market of modern glass stairs thanks to which your creativity can be tickled in order to consider the best project for your interior and also why not, for your budget.              

Original plans, glass stairs and glass stair railings

Original glass stairs

We have seen how cantilevered interior stairs glass made can have the same structural characteristics (especially at first glance) but at the level of visual impact show huge differences – where personal taste always has the best, compatible with the elements forced by the technical regulatory rules. 

We also saw how few tricks transform banal modern cantilevered in amazing stairs. For example, stone cantilevered stairs, for example, are able to maintain their luxurious and timeless appeal but at the same time be refreshed in a modern context, even only through the combination with steel. 

Similarly Simple cantilever stairs with glass balustrades are wonderful, light, essential even in contrast to wooden steps (and how many different types of wood exist!) that always exude a sense of warmth and welcome and are perfect if you do not want to exceed with elements too prominent in the general decor.

Stainless steel cantilevered stairs with covered steps and railings always made of steel can leverage the shiny metal and the minimalism used in modern interiors. 

Here, in fact, also the leading role for cantilevered stairs of a certain type go from being an element of safety and security to even an ornamental element able to give strong character to the entire structure.

In the same way that essential steel railings or glass railings never disappoint, even a cantilever staircase with steel tie-rods anchored to the ceiling is very modern and impressive. Do not forget also how much specific weight can have LED or steel inserts, inserted frontally in each step, such as in the scale model Luxo Officine Sandrini.

In fact, whether the steps are in a marble variant or in Corian, the luminous detail completely changes the aesthetic fate of the cantilever staircase in question, making it surprisingly innovative. 

If we focus for a moment on the element architectural glass, structural glass, which encompasses both reinforced glass and static safety concepts, is defined by its performance in relation to its function and precise requirements:this refers to the material’s ability to withstand internal and external actions and maintain its integrity for actions that are not necessarily related to loading.

Glass floors, glass stair treads as walking surface, beams, and unframed glass stair railings are typical situations where it is utilized, in case of spiral staircase it will be a  curved staircase   glass balustrade. Glass, tempered glass,  laminated glass can be used to transform almost any element of the interior into a design, modern, and elegant element, beyond the technical aspects.

While glass stairs are still rare and infrequent, glass railings for stairs are more common and require less maintenance.The glass panels for parapets are constructed on a single plate and are extremely safe. They can also shield the staircase from everything else without compromising the flow of light.

The fundamental point is always the same when we talk about stairs, glass stairs or other types: beyond the technical part, safety regulations etc. that we take for granted, what counts in the overall final impact is the overall effect of the various components, including innovative details, that determine the style.

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