Loft spiral staircase

Loft spiral staircase and other spiral staircases in a contemporary and modern environment

In an architectural and/or residential project, aimed at a new construction or for renovation purposes,  the spiral staircase is not just a mere technical component capable of connecting two floors.  

They can become a real tool for customizing environments, a piece of furniture in all respects, all the more so if we talk about modern spiral staircase. 

The modern term is a concept that can encompass various points of view, and also refers to the use that is well suited to various functions, an external spiral staircase or a  spiral staircase for indoor use (see for example the value of a loft spiral staircase or a space-saving small spiral staircase).

Spiral staircases, modern environments, exploitation of space: what does it really mean?

Loft spiral staircases in modern environments

You don’t need to be an architect or interior designer to realize how much, in an apartment, villa, office or business can be altered style and overall design of the environment by the installation of a modern spiral staircase designed ad hoc.

  • The spiral staircase in question could be a space-saving spiral staircase (there is the possibility of using extreme diameters, such as the spiral staircase diameter 70, a half spiral) from the point of view of functional vision linked to the optimization of the living space.

Also in this context, it is particularly important the loft spiral staircase (spiral staircase loft conversion), especially in view of the frequency with which you have to cope with apartments with small sizes. In these cases a  compact spiral staircase could be of great importance.

  • The choice could fall on a spiral staircase square planned, which makes the most of the angular centimeters between walls, and in this case the modern adjective would also refer to a geometric shape, more rigid, suitable for those who do not like curved lines, as well as linked to a concept of functionality/space.
  • We could talk about a modern or contemporary internal spiral staircase in the sense of the real aesthetic, essential or elaborate, or a futuristic spiral staircase for the use of materials of recent or unconventional use.

So,  the spiral staircase plan, design, materials, the  spiral staircase dimensions are all elements that are able to change the fate of an entire interior design.

The spiral staircase is not at all a mere element vertical connection between floors

The staircase-structure accurately designed and chosen  custom-made has acquired over time an absolute value by meeting the needs of efficiency and aesthetic needs, especially  spiral staircases, perhaps for their anatomy so particular, visually magnetic. 

It is still applicable to an outdoor spiral staircase not only for an internal spiral staircase.

In fact a spiral staircase for the interior but also an external spiral staircase (do not forget the aesthetic and spatial importance of the exterior of a building as a business card) have a particular allure due to their structural nature because of the spiral lines.

Especially modern spiral staircases far exceed their original simple connecting function to define style and overall interior design, even being able to gain space (even more opting for a small spiral staircase or a loft spiral staircase, compared to a helical staircase that makes better with larger sizes).

The modern interior stairs, especially the spiral staircase, have become among the most careful components in the world of interior design, as a functional interior architecture solution but also manageable with a good dose of creativity.

You will notice how an internal spiral staircase can make the environment in which it is inserted aesthetically unique bringing a huge added value to the multi-storey property, in conjunction with the choices to be made regarding interior subdivision, finishes and in last furnishing and various complements.

Spiral staircases for carefully designed interiors must not only reflect the style of the client/ owner, but also enhance the design of the premises starting from the needs and preferences of those who will use it.

So green light to an essential spiral staircase loft conversion designed, or to a special  warm wooden spiral staircase, to a super modern metal spiral staircase with important details or to a simply cast iron spiral staircase for outdoor !

If up to a certain point the staircase element was given a little more than functional importance, today it is fully recognized as a central factor in the completion of the aesthetic balance of a property.

How important is it to know how to choose a spiral staircase, even a small loft spiral staircase?    

Making unique the environment in which you live or work, customizing it, making it comfortable and pleasant to live in everyday life, to see and to show: 

This is the task of a well-conceived modern spiral staircase, that can prove to be the beating heart around which the remaining furniture rotates.

Some examples of modern and design spiral staircases, designed and chosen in detail with the right care, no longer act only as simple vertical connections between the different levels, but become a valuable element that goes beyond the decorative, almost sculptural.

The personalized spiral staircases are able to reflect styles that distinguish, in harmony with the design of the surrounding environment and are able to create wonder and admiration. 

Also an outdoor spiral staircase can make a great contribution, as well as functional and aesthetic, to an outdoor space: it can be a square or circular spiral staircase, an iron spiral staircase or a wood spiral staircase always designed with due precautions related to the weather, essential or rich in appearance… 

The choice is in your hands!

In any case, especially before the installation of a modern internal staircase such as space saving spiral staircase, a loft spiral staircase or a large helical staircase, it ‘s essential to make some reflections and evaluations not so obvious:

  •  about the structural shape 
  • about the choice of materials, their combinations and finishes – metal spiral staircase, wooden spiral staircase, cast iron spiral staircase, glass spiral staircase,  spiral staircase stone made, concrete spiral staircase and so on-
  •  about any criticality

Whether your project is an ex novo or aimed at integrating the staircase in a pre-existing environment, you will be able easily, with a spiral staircase, to emphasize and enhance classic, whimsical or innovative style choices and simultaneously to make the most of the space at your disposal.

Spiral staircases: any interior and any outdoor has specific needs to be carefully evaluated 

Loft spiral staircases interior and outdoor

Customization is a fundamental process: a modern spiral staircase needs a design aimed precisely at the environment in which you will have to insert it and not necessarily at any one.

In fact, the amount of space at your disposal and the style you pursue determine the selection of one shape rather than another, and the combination of materials – almost everyone you can imagine, even structural glass, high-tech plastics or carbon fiber.

You can opt for a type of structure among many available in the world of spiral stairs, such as square, circular, elliptical, helical spiral staircases; you may need a loft spiral staircase that as if by magic furnishings and makes usable vertical space, or a  bigger imposing helical staircase in a central position.

You may choose combinations of materials, colors and finishes in harmony with the character of the interior that will accommodate the new structure.

Many factors contribute to the achievement of the overall harmony of the environments, the usability of the spiral staircases, and of course also the safety parameters that indoor spiral staircases and external spiral staircases require, without ifs and buts.

An industry professional is able to make the appropriate assessments even on elements not immediately intuitive, supporting in the various choices and preventing problems or other.

If the space issue proves to be a priority, you will move towards a very small spiral staircase with minimal dimensions, if you want to exploit a particular angular position you will choose a square spiral staircase and so on.

To achieve the best end effect, and beyond personal taste, you must manage an appropriate design by pursuing the highest standards of safety, functional and aesthetic.

With the support of a professional you will be able to review various types of stairs and decide the peculiarities, materials to be combined and their quality, details such as railings, lights etc.

Your spiral staircase must remain perfect over time with the least possible maintenance, and never stop valuing each other in a reciprocal way.

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