Metal staircase design

Metal staircase design: infinite variations

The expression metal staircase design, which in turn can be divided between internal metal stairs and external metal stairs, contains a variety of combinations both in terms of lines and structural anatomies both in terms of materials. 

In fact, metal staircase design ideas are often the basis on which to add coatings but also, and in the latter case I would talk above all about modern internal metal stairs, installations that are structured completely on the use and aesthetics of metal. 

The results are very different: metal base and coatings of steps and/or different parapets have a look and an appeal that differs from structures, very modern, which focus completely on metal. 

Let’s see how many cases of metal stairs it is possible to design, but above all we highlight the functional and aesthetic peculiarities of the ferrous element in metal staircase design and interior design in general.

Metal staircase design for interior and for exterior: anatomies and differences

Metal staircase design for interior and for exterior

Let’s start immediately by differentiating, if ever there was a need, between metal stairs for interiors and metal stairs for outdoors: this must be done immediately because, beyond anatomical shapes, styles, combinations with other materials and finishes, it should be kept in mind that external metal staircase design require greater care and specific treatments. 

In fact an iron staircase, only load-bearing structure or completely in iron, designed for outdoor spaces must cope with the elements of the atmosphere, therefore in addition to functionality and aesthetic pleasure, strength and durability against water, frost, and temperature changes are primary.

An external iron staircase therefore needs special treatment, as hot galvanization and special coatings to maintain its characteristics for as long as possible and also the maintenance of the external iron staircase must be as little as possible. 

That said, what unites the two types of installations is the material.  

The high technical and mechanical qualities of iron make it the favorite to manage the load-bearing structures (visible and not) of various types of installations and often, is now conceived as the only material for them, playing with the material finishes that can really make a difference. 

With regard to the structural forms that metal staircase design can assume we can summarize in some macro categories, with different uses of the material, different spatial needs and undoubtedly different costs, for outdoor use or indoor use:

  • metal staircase design  with linear ramp
  • metal staircase design  with one or more landings, C or L
  • tailored metal staircase design with mixed pattern designed to project
  • metal spiral staircase design or helical staircase (circular, square etc.)

Of course, depending on the complexity and size of the project, the artisanal aspect of design, construction and installation completely changes cards on the table. 

To make small examples, first of all as already mentioned, the use of metal can be done only for the structure or it can be complete, thus creating real installations totally made of iron without coverings.

In addition, the processes can be very different, starting from the calendering of the metal in case of curvature of the same that can also affect the price.

The details of a staircase are varied and exit from the prefabricated or catalog with the customization of steps, railings – ad hoc parapets or other ornamental details, takes time and cost.

However, in the medium term, the craftsmanship and the realization by design often produce striking results from the aesthetic point of view above all in a staircase design. 

Metal staircase design and cladding: the combinations that enhance the materials

Metal staircase design and cladding

We have mentioned the fact that iron stairs for outdoors but especially in a metal staircase design for home, because without any limitation except the style pursued, often accommodate other materials, such as tread coverings and/or steps rise and also as railings and parapets. 

And if a metal staircase design, completely in iron, has a certain type of allure, a marked industrial style, in combination with some materials and colors the results are excellent.  

Protagonist in interior design, the versatility of metal in all its finishes transforms it into a touch of class combined with wood, natural stone and so on. Rustic, vintage, industrial, modern or luxurious: textures and shapes are emphasized in a design game.

  • metal and wood staircase design: the two materials seem to be at opposite ends, both solid but one cold and the other emblem of heat in the interior; the bright metal accents enhance and are enhanced in turn by the density of wood with its texture and texture – in this aspect then participate in the different wood essences.
  • metal staircase design with natural stone cladding: this combination of materials tends to enhance the stone (marble, granite, etc.) making it current, modern, increasing an effect of dynamism while maintaining the solemnity and sense of luxury typical of stone in the stairs and furnishings
  • metal staircase design with glass cover: the metal is lightened, made even more essential by the transparency of the glass in a very modern and spectacular game that attracts the eyes with a visual effect of lightness in fact.

Aesthetics of a raw/painted metal staircase

Aesthetics of a raw metal staircase

The powerful imprint of vigorous style, if you will, contemporary/ industrial modern internal iron stairs and external modern iron stairs is a strong trend.  

As for the interior, in particular, a well thought metal staircase design is aligned with furniture elements, especially handmade but not necessarily, with a strong personality: beyond the wrought iron mentioned above, the elements in raw metal or raw finish emphasize the uniqueness of the material in all its nuances and precious imperfections. 

The richness of a staircase design of contemporary taste is based on a subtle reference to a luxurious originality which is managed both by the raw material finish but also by golden, silver and bronze colors.

A raw metal staircase design, perhaps with sinuous lines in the case of a spiral or helical staircase, with a uniform surface or even with light-dark effects, is able to play with light by sending back unexpected lighting effects even more evident if inserted in contexts that create material contrast, for example through the use of wood. 

A metal staircase design, a project completely made of iron without any other material coating is designed by basing the aesthetics only on the incomparable allure of the metal left natural or painted can take the most varied forms as we have seen: stairs with straight or mixed, spiral or helical. 

The parapets can be conceived as essential or and full-bodied, tread and lift can be opened or closed as to define a metal tape… 

In short, the design possibilities of a staircase design made by iron or steel follow all the directions of your spatial or banally aesthetic needs, ensuring you a powerful design element, modern, full of contradictions and equally of appeal. 

Let’s not forget the wrought iron! An element with a very long tradition in Italy, which can be considered the cradle of the processing of ferrous material, born from the skill of the blacksmith who knows how to give life to something magical.

A metal staircase design in soft iron, railings or other decorative elements always in wrought iron, beyond the personal taste, have a charm that resides in the continuity between tradition and modernity and in the contradiction inherent in the very processing of metal: such power can turn into drawings with lines so light and graceful.

Learn more about a metal staircase design

Learn more about a metal staircase design

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