Stair railing ideas

A modern stair railing could change the aesthetic result in various staircase ideas

From the insertion of a staircase, an installation of connection between floors, you can take an opportunity to create design, style, atmosphere with a modern staircase – or staircase remodel – specifically for your spaces.

In the same way  railing systems arise from the need to safeguard the health of those who walk the staircase, but you can also take this opportunity on the fly to embellish your contemporary staircase with a detail chosen with care. 

In fact, especially if we talk about a modern stair railing, it is really possible that some options or some combinations of stair railings rather than others, lead to a remarkable aesthetic rendering.

Think about it before you make a choice: a modern stair can give remarkable ideas to create something different, suggestive, new… but also essential and minimalist. Modern interior stairs   are made of the most diverse materials and with the most diverse finishes.

As a result, even a modern stair railing can have the most varied aspects, from clean lines, almost naked, up to real independent installations, entire walls worked and eccentric partitions. Let’s see together how a special staircase railing is able to change the aesthetic impact of the rooms that crosses.

Stair railing: different spaces, many characters and stairs of all kinds

We have often mentioned how many different formulas, how many different choices you can make, in tune with your taste and lifestyle, during the design of our interiors. 

Obviously all this does not only concern the furniture or interior decoration, but even more structural elements such as  interior stairs and everything about them, including the railing staircase project.

We summarize the macro categories of style (always thinking about the possibility of intersections and contaminations of all kinds, and sometimes the fun lies in this!) to then orient ourselves towards the design of a contemporary stair, more precisely of modern stair for interior and especially a modern stair railing design:

  • classic style
  • contemporary style
  • modern style

The classic style is never on the crest of the wave and at the same time never goes out of fashion! It involves timeless choices, which rarely focus on the essentiality of shapes, most often on a certain elegance linked to preciousness. Refined finishes and materials considered valuable, marble, glass, wrought iron, but also processed and precious woods, we look for a certain elegance, sometimes more baroque at times more austere.

A contemporary style is appreciated for its current and discreet, gracefully elegant but also oriented to the well-being of the inhabitants; often uses neutral colors without color peaks, preferring to create warm and bright environments. We seek a general harmony while maintaining attention to details that attract the eye but always with measure.

The modern style does not aim at moderation, in shapes and even in colors; It does not fear eccentricity and even extremes, so the lines can be ultra essential but also create unexpected and futuristic shapes. Special solutions, innovative mixed materials and surprising combinations can also be found in modern stair. So also modern stair railing for a special staircase design adheres perfectly to these criteria, passing from extreme minimalism to sophisticated and imaginative creations.

A special mention for the industrial interior design, originally from the 50s: loves open spaces, as an open  living room, raw materials, cement, wood and iron combined, aims to the functional but winking to references declared vintage… perfect for interior wrought iron spiral stairs,  iron balusters and other metal railing types (stainless steel railing system and steel stair) but also an iron contemporary stair with wood paneling, wood handrail and so on.

Stair railing: safety first of all, but stair design will work best with a modern railing

Stair railings and balustrades, as we have already seen, are born under the sign of safety and must follow a very precise regulation with some firm points that cannot be circumvented, at the risk of the health of those who have to use the ladder.

But it is also clear by now the specific weight of the choices inherent in a modern staircase, as well as the railing system of possible staircase ideas: first of all it is necessary to think about safety, adhering to the required standards… but immediately after you need to make the necessary assessments inherent in the stair railings design, railing material, colors and finishes. 

The importance of modern interior railings is given by the fact that, together with the structure of the staircase, they create a continuity, a common thread that connects every room and every floor crossed by them. Not only that: what you choose, be it a just visible stainless steel cable railing or an internal staircase glass railing but also much more decorative railings for example in soft iron, will remain within sight of various points of your home or office.

The important thing is to adhere to a style, an idea and pursue it – perhaps even with the help of an expert. The character you choose to give to stairs and stair railing will probably make it a focal point representative of the energy of the whole house, the general interior design and of yours. 

So for example a modern staircase with marble stair treads can be minimized and made less solemn by a very simple stainless steel modern stair railing, or modern internal metal stair can be visually lightened by glass railing or enriched by sculptural and creative stair railing ideas. 

Let’s see some practical examples of how a modern stair railing is able to give the right stylistic imprint to the staircase and the host environment.

Railing system best materials, styles and ideas: modern stair railing for a modern space

Modern stair railing best materials

Simple or whimsical, essential or elaborate, a well studied modern stair railing has a sure success, a strong scenic impact even if it is chosen to be almost invisible! A modern railing is often chosen as a metal railing (iron, wrought iron, stainless steel, aluminum), isn’t always an economical choice except aluminum, but from its durability without special maintenance, and with the right finishes is also suitable for outdoor use, in stairs for an outdoor patio or other.     

Modern metal cable railing is suitable for making modern interior stairs in stone, whether it is granite marble or other natural stone. The choice of  glass railing in a modern environment is optimal to lighten and brighten the spaces creating a feeling of openness thanks to the penetration of light, suitable for example for wooden stair, floating stairs. 

A wood stair with a wood handrail, although often used in more traditional environments, could create unexpected and innovative combinations with iron balusters; during a staircase renovation, as an example, in a modern farmhouse a special stair with a modern stair railing could become a precious focal point.

Particular design and material combinations are appreciated in modern interiors, so for example steel or iron and wood are perfect together, perhaps alternating more raw material with stylized and shiny lines, in a stair railing modern design.

I’ll give you some practical examples of modern interior and exterior extensions that can be a source of inspiration in any upcoming or future project.

  • e.g. modern stair railing created with vertical cables-ropes steel
  • e.g. modern stair railing creating a net partition
  • e.g. modern stair railing abstract shapes and worked, unusual finishes
  • e.g. modern stair railing with use of ropes 

With imagination (and in some cases some economic resource in more) it is possible to get out, wishing it, from the cliché of a basic steel stair railing or of conventional railing material options or basic staircase railing design choices; it is not important, however, that it is necessarily scenographic rather than essential and minimal: for a modern installation that combines design and functionality, what matters is the overall vision, the general emanation that involves the whole atmosphere of the interior.

Discover the modern stair railing by Officine Sandrini

Discover modern stair railing

If you are looking for the distinctive element to give a unique design touch to your spaces, a modern stair railing could be perfect for you: with its irresistible warmth and irrefutable functionality, this installation represents the essence of modern elegance.

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