Oak Staircase

Combining design and natural materials in a project is so easy when you opt for an  oak staircase

The insertion of an internal or an outdoor staircase is normally a constraint, a necessity and not a habit: connecting different levels of a building, including mezzanines, is a need to be exploited with style. The inner stairs have never been so decisive as today: design stairs in multiple materials, such as the spectacular glass stairs, and from the multiple anatomical shapes, helical or visible stairs, solve practical needs but also much more.

The range of options is immense, but the solution suitable to give a powerful style imprint to the whole context is unique and perfect just for your space; among the many possibilities available the modern wooden stairs give great satisfaction, especially given the usability in completely different environments. And the oak staircase is the queen among various types of  wooden staircase.

Modern wood stair treads constitute stairs that vary in type and also for essences used, for simplicity of design or richness of details, but always maintain, when well done, the typical characteristics of the material: an oak staircase possesses elegance, refinement, heat, in addition to the physical properties that make it easily usable for a modern wooden staircase and even high-value design oak stair.

Let’s talk about oak stairs and see some staircase photo.

Wood stair treads, modern oak stairs and other wood species in various anatomies 

Modern oak staircase

The modern, practical and up-to-date internal wooden staircases rely on the absolute versatility of the wooden material we have already spoken about, but which is an inexhaustible source of excellent solutions in general furnishing, interior doors and interior stairs, stair parts, staircase remodel activities, bathroom vanities and so on.

We said that a wood staircase is made in infinite variations, but some elements remain constant: hardness and strength are not the same for each wood species, but in principle among the advantages derived from the use of wood there are precisely these characteristics, besides the naturalness -comparable only to the stone but with opposite effects-.

But an oak staircase is known for its distinctive features and exceptional qualities:durability that contributes to its long life; in addition to being one of the most durable woods available, white oak,     red oak,  golden oak  are very resistant, both to pressure and bending, making them suitable for a variety of uses how precisely construction of furniture, flooring and architectural structures.

In a staircase design with wood stair treads, the material is the protagonist; oak is very often chosen, in particular for its high impact resistance, fundamental if used only as a tread coating, but also for the visible and appreciated veins, in addition to the fact that quality and price are well combined.

In addition to oak, modern but also more traditional internal wooden stairs often use beech, resistant and easier to bend – therefore suitable for spiral structures and helical stairs.

The quality of the essence of maple is very appreciated in the use for internal stairs, especially, if left natural, thanks to the unmistakable warm yellow-pink shades. Iroko wood is perfectly suited for use in spaces where moisture is very present, this makes it a perfect essence not only for modern indoor stairs but also in outdoor stairs. 

Do not forget the use of solid ash, resistant and hard, and beech, light and particularly compact, for stairs made in wood of excellent workmanship.

Of course, it often happens, when there is a parquet hardwood flooring, that the combination between the internal staircase and the essence and/or shade of the floor is natural, to give an effect of color continuity to the various elements. Therefore in the presence, for example, of a  red oak wood floor, it’s possible that red staircase oak treads or some other stair parts in the same wood are chosen, perhaps in contrast with white walls dining room to make a hypothesis: the result would be very impactful.

Know to choose with awareness: modern wood stair and quality oak staircase

Modern and quality oak staircase

Modern internal wooden stairs represent a fundamental element not only to connect vertically differences in height, but also a leitmotif of style, a certain type of atmosphere between the various environments of a house, but also an office or other activity.

Concerning not only an oak staircase, materials and stain colors are undoubtedly the first factors that we dwell on while trying to give a precise footprint to the space, for a great room e.g. a living room and, with regard to an internal staircase, the choice is made in conjunction with the design of the anatomical shape of the same.

It is certainly no coincidence that wood has been used by man since he has remembered it, and its optimal characteristics make it really perfect for the realization of various elements such as interior stairs even with modern design, and oak wood, solid oak, is no exception.  

The workability of wood is one of its winning qualities: the relative ease with which it is possible to transform, repair, modify it has a great value that becomes in essence true versatility, of forms, functions.

Modern interior stairs of all kinds, exposed, cantilevered, spiral and spiral stairs, suspended stairs,  stairs customized with mixed trends and so on, are achievable thanks to the characteristics of the oak wood, which is rigid, elastic, lightweight; 

Its insulating capacity distinguishes it -best selling for hardwood floors, interior doors,  stair treads- and wood is naturally a renewable and biodegradable material.

The oak staircase: oak stair tread in various project of stairs

Various oak staircase

Basically we can synthesize in a small number of main categories the main anatomies that an oak staircase can have, always remembering that some bespoke projects include mixed anatomies (and in any case any public or private installation must follow the local building codes).

We can have a classic straight oak staircase, which is always a popular option: the  oak wood can give a classic and traditional look, if you prefer. You can choose to leave the wood natural or paint it according to your favorite style.

The two ramp stairs, which are divided into two parts, are another possible option with oak wood. This design provides a less steep climb and can be an interesting aesthetic choice, compatible with the available space.

Spiral oak staircase

Thanks to the ability of oak wood to be shaped and processed, it is possible to build elegant and robust spiral staircases: their design is often used in smaller spaces (imagine a tiny space in a  living room, also an angular space in which to insert a spiral staircase with square base) or places where architectural style requires a more artistic touch.

We can also have stair treads in oak in a helical oak staircase: the term “helical staircase” can be used more generally to describe any staircase with steps arranged in a circular or enveloping manner, however, in some contexts, the term “helical” may suggest a staircase with larger and more inclined steps than those of a traditional spiral staircase.

What about the suspended oak staircases? The floating steps installation, where the steps seem to “float” without visible supports, can be made with oak wood; this way to use  white oak, golden oak  or other gives a modern and minimalist look to the staircase: no visible structure, no added details, no carpet stair treads or other, the focus is on the stair tread and its material.

If you need a ladder that can be folded or disappeared when not in use, and there is no possibility to insert a small space-saving spiral staircase, oak wood can be used to build a retractable ladder that integrates well with the surrounding furniture.   

Combining an oak staircase and a modern staircase into a single project: oak stair treads and beyond

An oak staircase and a modern

We have often said: extreme versatility, warmth and functionality are the main characteristics of the wood material that are poured into its use for an oak staircase, use that can only concern some parts as stair tread or the entire structure.

The wooden stairs, even oak stair treads were once rather traditional or associated with rustic environments; enjoy today the qualities of the material but with a renewed appeal modern wooden interior stairs, as much as they can be contemporary stainless steel stairs are able to enhance equally modern interiors with elegance and those warm and positive vibrations of wood.

But how can you turn ordinary interior stairs, like a virtual staircase remodel, into modern interior stairs that use wood for interior? As in the custom furniture, the customized design of an oak staircase can make some details the extra value, the detail that makes modern interior stairs real design stairs.

First of all, it is possible to create combinations with an extraordinary effect, such as steel and wood, iron and wood stairs that exploit the strong material contrast between two so different elements; modern wooden structures enriched and enhanced by extra clear glass railings and balustrades, which lighten the whole project, immediately give a different atmosphere.

A modern oak staircase does not have to be complex or forcibly innovative; modern oak stair treads can be inserted in projects designed in the name of the purest essentiality, without any particular frill, without  stair runner, such as structures so-called suspended, like suspended white oak stair treads, but we can take advantage of original projects in which the modern internal staircase rides some style trends.

Railings for internal stairs modern choices as iron balusters blind metal painted in contrast with wooden treads, internal stairs that take advantage of LED lighting or steel hints frontally to the steps as light points that break the monotony… but we can also have gray, black or optical white side by side with the natural color of wood, as well as modern interior stairs can become bookcases, or containers without sacrificing the innate elegance of wood, such as white oak, golden oak or also custom stain wood.

The refined design, in conclusion, is made of details that make the design of a modern oak staircase suggestive but at the same time perfectly incorporated in its host context, and, thanks to the wise use of the material, emphasizes the timeless beauty and beyond the fashions of an oak staircase.

Specifications of the oak wood: red oak, white oak and other variants

Specifications of the oak staircase

The theme is oak staircase, but we still haven’t talked about what really distinguishes oak wood.

Some characteristics make oak wood a popular choice in different applications, not only for high quality furniture or  robust and attractive hardwood flooring, but also for the construction of stairs.

Oak is known for its durability and wear resistance, making it ideal for steps of stairs that will be subject to considerable traffic and abrasion over time. So an oak staircase must withstand heavy loads and withstand various pressures: an oak stair is strong enough to handle these challenges without compromising its structural integrity.

As we mentioned above, the natural oak staircase (white oak stair,  red oak stair) has a distinctive grain and a natural color that adds a touch of elegance and warmth to the interior, you can see it just by looking at staircase photo; oak stair can be left natural for a traditional look or treated with different finishes for a more modern style. 

The oak wood is easily machinable, allowing the realization of staircase steps with precise details, and we can say the workability is an important feature of this wood variant. Oak stairs are generally easy to clean and maintain; just regular cleaning and, if necessary, the reapplication of protective finishes to maintain their beauty over time.

The dimensional stability of oak is an important advantage in the oak treads, as it helps to reduce the risk of contraction or expansion due to changes in humidity and temperature. In addition oak is naturally resistant to insects and fungi, that is not a cheap quality: infact additional protection to the wood, making it suitable for outdoor – with caution- and indoor applications.

Possible variants for an oak stair tread

In general we can say that the natural color of oak wood can vary from light brown to dark brown, and often has interesting tonal shades. 

There are several oak species and each one has unique characteristics; for your oak staircase you can choose, according to your aesthetic preferences and needs, between a wide range of colors and types, depending on the oak species and the environmental conditions in which it grows like climate and soil conditions , like red oak, white oak and other variations.

  • Red oak is known for its light brown to light red color (united states); a red oak stair tread has a distinctive and open grain that adds character to the wood.
  • The white oak has a color ranging from light brown to golden brown. The grain of white oak stair treads is finer than red oak, and is often preferred for its more elegant appearance, as for a Scandinavian style open concept, for example.
  • European Oak is widespread in Europe and is known for its fine grain and color ranging from light brown to golden brown. It is often used in high-quality furniture and flooring in high-quality real estate.
  • Live Sawn Oak: this wood cutting method retains the full range of trunk characteristics, including heart parts and outer parts. This can lead to a variety of colors and patterns within the same piece of wood.
  • Waxed oak has undergone a treatment with waxes that provide a matte finish and a more antique look. This type of oak is often used in rustic and traditional decor styles.
  • Tigerwood Oak is characterized by dark streaks and uneven grain and we can say that it has a unique and distinctive appearance. This type of oak is often used to create designer furniture.

There is also another category we can talk about, the regenerated oak wood that comes from old buildings or structures and has a distinctive appearance that can include signs of wear, visible nails and other imperfections, adding a rustic and historic touch.      

Best maintain an oak staircase to preserve its beauty

Baintain an oak staircase

Treating oak for use in the steps of internal stairs is important to preserve the beauty of the wood and ensure durability over time, without use of stair runners, if they don’t fit your style.  

Here are some general steps you can follow to treat oak to maintain your beautiful oak staircase and to keep it in good condition over time.

A regular cleaning should include removing dust and dirt from the oak staircase with a soft cloth or soft bristle brush; you should avoid using rigid brooms or abrasive tools that may scratch the surface of the wood.

You have to remember that oak wood is sensitive to moisture and water, and you should make sure that the staircase is not exposed to moisture changes and protect it from water leaks (immediately clean any liquid spills to prevent damage).

Use wood care products for your oak staircase: periodically apply specific wood care products, such as oils or waxes, to nourish and protect oak wood; these products can help maintain the luster of the wood and prevent drying and cracking.

Avoid direct exposure to sunlight if you can, because direct sunlight can cause color fading over time: if you can use curtains or blinds to protect the oak staircase from direct sunlight. Remember to maintain a stable climate, in fact wood reacts to changes in humidity and temperature, and you can help preserve your oak staircase over time also thanks to these precautions.

You might want to check the status of the finishes with some regularity: you should monitor the status of the finishes and any sealants on the oak staircase; avoid dragging heavy or sharp objects on the oak treads to prevent scratches. If surface scratches occur, you can cover them with specific wood repair products.

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