How and why should decorate with spiral staircases

How and why should decorate with spiral staircases

Usually the installation of an internal or outdoor staircase is not a choice dictated by desire and simple love for some elements of interior design, but it is born under the pressure of a practical need.

Among the many options available, it is not always easy to choose the staircase that suits us, by anatomical shape, by available space, by style. So why should you choose a spiral staircase, a spiral staircase square or a helical spiral staircase?

Probably more in demand in the private and residential sector, spiral staircases for interiors but also some external spiral staircase has indisputable advantages and of course some limitations.

I will provide some general guidelines to evaluate and eventually include in your project spiral staircases as real pieces of furniture and not just  structural elements of connection.

Furnishing interiors and exteriors with spiral staircases

Furnishing interiors and exteriors with spiral staircases

The spiral staircase or helical stairs develop completely in height limiting the horizontal encumbrance of any other open staircase. Every inch of living space saved – this is why it is sometimes called space saving spiral staircase – is fundamental, especially in small environments.

The same is of course also true for spiral staircase for outdoor, since verticality is the primary characteristic of this type of structure.

And if an outdoor spiral staircase can be to some extent limited in materials or finishes to cope with external agents, an internal staircase can be completely versatile and it can be designed in wood, iron, steel, marble, concrete, glass and high tech plastic, and more coatings.

Conceived with different shapes and designs, since a spiral staircase can be circular, square or even elliptical spiral staircase plan, with alternative textures, finishes to choose from and even railings, railings and handrails of your choice, each installation can be customized.

The sinuous lines of the spiral structure are aesthetically striking and strongly characterize the space they occupy, both internally and externally to a building, for example to connect two terraces or garages and another level.

Inspiring guidelines to decorate your interior with a spiral staircase

In light of what has been said in general, we see some pivotal points around which to manage the design of an internal staircase, especially a modern spiral staircase.

Essential or decorative? Spiral staircase dimensions

We have seen how the structure of a spiral or helical staircase results in a saving of space, given the verticality of the development; for this reason it is often called a space saving spiral staircase, especially a classic compact spiral staircase  or a small spiral staircase that can really reach small diameters.

Dimensions are clearly absolutely variable according to the project, and when it comes to a 180-degree scale we can even talk about a semi-spiral staircase; in this case we refer to the real space-saving stairs.

In the norm, the spiral staircase plan is decided according to the space available, not only according to personal taste:

  • in fact a square spiral staircase will exploit all the angles and walls, increasing the size of the tread but being less sinuous and sweet
  • a helical staircase, which differs mainly from classic spiral staircases due to the lack of the central pole and the structure based on two internal and external propellers, will be wider and more comfortable, but will therefore need more sizes available

Some design trends prefer essential, minimal, simple and linear solutions to the extreme (here a small spiral staircase wins). In any case, furniture elements of a certain size are better used in spaces suitable for width.

In this case I can confirm that the spiral staircase can be really sober and essential while maintaining its peculiar game of spiral lines and never revealing itself banal in its simplicity.

If instead you can afford larger spaces and a more decorative style, aim to a helical staircase, which maintains the effect of buoyancy and sinuous lines, but is wider and even more visually striking.

Spiral staircase dimensions
Curvilinear aesthetics

Curvilinear aesthetics

The softness of the lines is very appreciated in recent years: lack of edges and less sharp profiles are sought in many furniture elements.

If you are also attracted by the delicacy of curved lines, you will not fail to appreciate the design of  helical stairs and spiral staircases that, regardless of the materials and finishes in which they are designed, are full of character and style.

The classical spiral staircase has an attractiveness difficult to reach with other types of structures and can really transform the overall aesthetics of an interior. For its part, as mentioned, it can be installed in small spaces or not so small, and is therefore a passepartout of style and elegance.

You can admire a modern spiral staircase in a traditional environment, or a loft spiral staircase, a metal spiral staircase or a wooden spiral staircase, to underline the style of these interiors; or a spiral staircase stone made but in a super modern project, or even a concrete spiral staircase coated or not, or a magical glass spiral staircase!

Customization and craftsmanship

In view of all these possibilities, we can see that tailor-made solutions, perfect only and exclusively for you, unique, on your taste needs but also spatial, this would always be desirable, for every interior design project. 

Obviously, in the interior and exterior furnishing it is necessary to deal literally with the economic availability and it is clear that, for example, a custom-made spiral staircase -spiral staircase for outdoor or internal stairs- will presumably not have the same price of a standard prefabricated staircase.

But do not forget the added value of a craftsmanship element, of high quality, of Italian manufacture, customized completely on the functional, spatial, aesthetic needs that your environments claim.

In this sense, the initial economic investment could probably bring you significant benefits, especially if we talk about an element that becomes structural, so important and so durable as for example the insertion of a custom made internal spiral staircase or an external spiral staircase.

Functionality and convenience of use of spiral staircases

Functionality and convenience of use of spiral staircases

Each staircase, spiral staircase or other, must be possible to combine utility and aesthetics. 

The purpose of a modern staircase in particular is to become a focal point of identity of a home, an office or a contemporary commercial space.

A spiral staircase, and each staircase, should

  • primarily be safe, in line with current legislation
  • be aesthetically suitable to enhance the remaining environment and be enhanced by it, so the study of details, materials, textures, colors is so important
  • be undoubtedly as comfortable as possible in its journey
  • as for each element to be inserted in a residential context, optimize the space if possible to make the environment more harmonious and better livable

The space in which you live or work has a fundamental importance on the general well-being of your daily life, from the comfort of small things through the brightness of the environments to the pleasure given by beauty, by what you like.

Modern spiral staircase: advantages and limitations in the decor

Modern spiral staircase: advantages and limitations in the decor

Whether we are talking about a classic spiral staircase, a space-saving spiral staircase, a spiral staircase or a square spiral staircase, a indoor wood spiral staircase, a loft spiral staircase or an outdoor spiral staircase for example a cast iron spiral staircase, the idea that will guide you will always and in any case enhance the environments, it is not just a question of connecting different levels.

The spiral staircase in particular compared to any other structure between the internal and external stairs, is the most appreciated by both private and professionals. This is primarily because the structural anatomy makes it aesthetically striking, fascinating, a real design element.

Aesthetics aside, which is however subject to personal taste, the fact that it represents an excellent solution to optimize the spaces is a turning point, since a spiral staircase can be inserted in very modest sizes.

So spiral staircases and helical staircases are beautiful and exploitable in contexts where others could not be taken into account. Some types of structures are also less expensive than day installations.

In fact, the only limit of a spiral staircase structure can be the steepness of the climb and, in the case of very small diameters, it is not the most appropriate choice if you have to exploit it for the transport of bulky objects.

Evidently a very small spiral staircase, a small diameter, is not indicated even for the continuous passage of people of much more than average size. But excluding these restrictions, a modern spiral staircase fits virtually any style and is always functional, if well designed.

Suitable to become real furnishing elements, sometimes even almost works of art, spiral staircases undoubtedly overcome the strictly functional barrier of connection. They can be inserted either in a new environment or in a renovation.

In any case, unless the mood chosen for the interior is the essential minimal extreme, the spiral staircase is extremely versatile, adaptable to different characters and stylistic orientations.

So we can design  a metal spiral staircase, a wooden spiral staircase or a glass spiral staircase and so on, customizable in various details, such as structure, lining steps, railings and handrails, but also in the insertion of lights etc.

Spiral staircases and their evolutions helical staircases always keep what they promise in functional and design terms, and they are undoubtedly an important option if you are considering furnishing a property with an internal staircase.

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