High quality oak staircases

Oak staircases, like all well-made wooden stairs, aim for excellence but the suspended oak stairs have an extra gear

The self-supporting stairs are intelligent internal stairs, in particular the so-called suspended stairs differ a lot and emerge between the modern stairs compared to those with visible bearing structure or other types of quality staircases very appreciated.

We know that for small spaces, in some cases really microscopic rooms or in strange locations, the ideal space saver internal staircase, without considering the retractable stairs, can be represented by the classic spiral staircase (the helical stairs give the best with diameters not too small).

When the connection serves to connect only two gradients, however, even the suspended stairs, cantilevered structures with steps fixed directly in the wall, are not only essential and sophisticated but also airy, expanding the spaces especially in the presence of glass balustrades.

And again the versatility of the oak staircases do not make a mistake! Thus suspended stairs bespoke oak staircases correspond to the type of staircase that can combine many crucial aspects for an interior installation: aesthetic impact (natural beauty) , modern and attractive design, atmosphere that only the woody material can give.

Let’s take a closer look at these special oak staircases.

A magic oak staircase: the modern suspended staircase

A magic oak staircase: the modern suspended staircase

As we have often had the opportunity to repeat,suspended type wooden-oak staircases, and more generally the model of internal suspended staircase precisely, are part of the universe of the model self-supporting contemporary staircase. 

The word itself defines the main feature of these special stairs, often bespoke staircases, that can be customised and made using different materials: the structure is designed to stand, with tricks, independently, somehow without leaning on something pre-existing.

They are undoubtedly special stairs, different from the more traditional and common in multi-storey houses. Especially if the difference in height to be covered is only between two floors, a suspended staircase is really a valid alternative to a spiral staircase or a spiral staircase, at the level of aesthetic impact and as a real design element.

And if high quality wooden stairs, cantilevered internal or external staircases (with wooden tread and eventually also wooden lift) are very versatile, the suspended oak staircases expand the panorama towards an extremely modern style and with many advantages and few limitations.

The cantilever structures with wooden stair treads of the so-called suspended type lighten any environment, with a visual effect of widening the space given by the suspension of the steps – fixed directly on the wall thanks to a hidden structure – but maintaining the typical density and natural beauty of an oak straight staircase. 

The most modern oak staircase is the suspended staircase

The most modern oak staircase is the suspended staircase

The suspended contemporary oak staircases: essential, elegant and above all modern! If someone still has doubts about the use of this natural material outside of rustic or otherwise traditional contexts, he will have to change his mind even if he takes a look at some suspended oak staircases images .

A suspended staircase is part of those special design stairs, whose oak treads, suspended precisely, often anchored to a bearing wall but also managed through equally effective solutions, seem to float light with a remarkable aesthetic impact.

Any wood, in this case we’re talking about solid oak stair cladding (european oak,  american white oak etc) as it happens in the case of wooden floors or furniture elements and finishes, assumes a particular and palpable contemporary shape when combined with metal, stainless steel aisi especially, or glass (oak and glass staircase it is perhaps the most appreciated).

Suspended oak staircases – or other materials in which they can be made – in the absence of a supporting wall, may require structural stiffening aided by glass railings and/or stainless steel structures, metal balusters or connections via floor and ceiling fixing points. 

These same elements allow to maintain the bare and essential lines of the bespoke staircase: the step element and the wooden tread, the staircase structure (boxed stairs, etc.) are enhanced; the real material effect of wood is underlined by glass panels that do not obscure any detail. 

The incomparable warmth of oak staircase: different anatomical shapes for versatile internal stairs

Whether it’s indoor stairs or outdoor stairs, space saver stairs or comfortable stairs of large dimensions, the focal point is of course often on the material, both in terms of functional performance and aesthetics highest standards. We know that the choices currently are really wide, and when not structural even as just coatings.

So we have bare steel stairs or covered with the most various effects, from natural stone to porcelain stoneware, Corian and so on up to the crazy glass staircases (tempered glass, structural etc. obviously also with its glass railing).

With the most varied options, the natural material par excellence still remains a favourite for connecting different levels, living and sleeping areas etc. with open stairs, covered spiral staircases and spectacular suspended wooden stairs. 

The variety of possible structural forms, limited in case by the actual space, corresponds if we talk about wood to a large variety of essences, not only the traditional oak ( beech, ash, maple and so on) to be enhanced in their characteristics but also to be lacquered, bleached or painted as desired.

In general oak staircases pours out a warmth, a feeling of welcome difficult to replicate otherwise; makes the atmosphere somewhat relaxed, emanating a calm and relaxed energy.

The extreme versatility of the material and ease of processing makes wooden stairs and furniture elements always in wood easy to integrate into environments with a very different style, and this adaptive potential is a huge added value when it comes to customising spaces.

You have to consider that if you want to renovate an existing staircase or you have to insert a new installation; among structural shapes you can choose among spiral or helical oak staircases (and you can opt also for an oak square spiral staircase), a straight winder staircase, a double  winder open staircase, a magic suspended staircase and so on.

American oak, European oak or Japanese oak can be used, within an oak openplan environment for a parquet, furniture and various finishes. No matter what type of stairs, one winder staircase,  double winder, spiral etc…different oak stair parts may have importance in a design project, not only risers and treads – oak handrails, oak spindles, oak newel; the whole can be natural or painted, but oftener enhancing the natural splendour of wood is our preferred option.

In the presence of a modern or traditional structure, oak glass or metal railings, innovative details or not, do not forget how craftsmans oak staircases are pleasant, warm, comfortable to walk barefoot, aesthetically appreciable also for the perfect imperfections that characterise the most beloved ever natural material.

If you are looking for the distinctive element to give a unique design touch to your spaces, the oak staircases could be perfect for you: with their timeless charm and irrefutable functionality, these installations represent the essence of modern elegance.

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