A synthesis of form, structure, and elegance.

Officine Sandrini presents a spiral staircase made in collaboration with Nyxo studio. Innovation, research, and excellence are at the base of this cooperation: an ambitious design using fiber composites technology coming from the aerospace industry. A synthesis of form, structure, and elegance.

“Folio is a spiral staircase where all the main features are embedded in a single module: there is no difference between form, structure and aesthetic. The iteration of the monolithic fiber-reinforced composites step, designs a spiral curve in space, the force line of the staircase.
Each component supports the previous and the next, the only variation would occur in the top and bottom pieces that connect to landings. Behind the simplicity of the single component, the whole becomes a complex system to articulate a special effect.
The design process was driven by the idea of making things with fewer components which do more, a research of a synthesis to shape structure and elegance.”
– Nyxo Studio

FOLIO staircase: research at a new level of complexity

FOLIO is an absolute novelty in the world of stairs, the result of years of research on the use of composite materials and carbon fiber in architecture.

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FOLIO staircase: high material performance and high profile design

Absolute novelty in the field of design stairs, the use of composite fibers in the FOLIO project expresses at its best its characteristics: lightness, resistance, flexibility that contribute to draw sinuous lines with an attractive aesthetic.

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FOLIO staircase: extremely dynamic forms

FOLIO represents an evolution of the absolutely dynamic design, even on a monolithic structure, of a potentially infinite spiral in space.

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Staircase FOLIO: more than a staircase. Your staircase

The customization available for FOLIO allows each customer to create their own staircase, enhancing it, giving shape to every desire and responding to every need.

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FOLIO staircase: helical game from aerospace technology

The FOLIO staircase is a NEW and TECHNICALLY PERFORMING project born from the synergy between Officine Sandrini and NYXO Studio. FOLIO is beyond the contemporary: it is futurism in which shape and structure are merged together, inseparable in a monolithic block with a revolutionary design.

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